Machines and possibilities

We see ourselves as a plastics specialist through the processing of various engineering plastics.

We manufacture these in our well-equipped company by means of modern CNC technology producing precise turned and milled parts according to individual customer drawings.

Our processing spectrum includes both a simple 3-axis and the complex 5-axis and 5-axis simultaneous machining centers for the production of milled parts with demanding contours. In addition, our machines and workshops are excellently positioned for conventional processing using profiling machines and drilling machines, table milling, saw and planer.

The possibility of introducing keyways and the individual labelling of the products with engravings rounds off our modern production line.

dutec combines these optimal technical prerequisites with the extensive experience of its employees. Out of this interaction of man and machine and the perfect synthesis of craft and technology comes a great opportunity:
The possibility to create flexible and individual solutions.
It enables the production of tailor-made component parts, small series and series. Through this, dutec not only stands for off-the-shelf goods, but also for high-precision and optimised components tailored to your exact requirements.

Computer-controlled production
We are constantly moving with the times and can offer you, by means of CAD/CAM software, the possibility to process and provide from your side DWG, DXF, Iges and Step data directly to a work instruction for our processing centres.