Dutec corporate philosophy

Dutec - 'people that can do it!'

The basis is: Honesty, reliability, fairness, sustainability - to our customers and equally also to our suppliers and to ourselves in our interaction in everyday life.

We believe in team spirit, social commitment and identification within Dutec. We not only work together, but we also like to party together every now and then!
If Dutec is doing well - all of us are doing well.

Further developments in the area of technology and also of every individual - that means investments in the manufacturing area and consistent training and educational opportunities for our employees.
Standing still is actually going backwards! But always having the market in  our mind.

Our claim is:

  • We are the fastest.
  • We are absolutely reliable.
  • We work professionally and economically.

We inspire our customers with these principles and look forward to a long-term relationship.